100 Amazingly Easy Dinner Ideas For You

Sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa

These easy dinner ideas can be prepared or turn to time to time when you really need to feed the family or kids. With many healthy recipes, fast ones, chicken recipes, vegetarian, whole30, and affordable concepts, there is a recipe for everybody to enjoy.

All the recipes for each easy dinner ideas can be gotten by entering an ingredient, dish or keyword for the recipe in the search field above or use our recipe repository to get what you love.

Top 100 Easy Dinner Ideas

  1. Zucchini slice
    Zucchini slice easy dinner ideasThis simple zucchini slice is without a doubt our most popular recipe. Find out why! Check out the recipe from our recipe repository.
  2. Pumpkin soup
    Pumpkin soupThe countrykitchenmag.com members are raving about this variation of an Australian classic, you’ll see why when you see how easy it is to make through the recipe.
  3. Easy fried rice
    easy dinner ideasEven your kids will enjoy this simple and fast fried rice, best for a weeknight meal.
  4. Classic shepherd’s pie
    Classic shepherd's pieYou can not pass by a classic shepherd’s pie for a rewarding and satisfying Sunday lunch, even perfect for lazy Sunday dinner ideas.
  5. Impossible quiche
    impossible quicheA lovely golden brown ham and cheese quiche that will thrill the entire family.
  6. Our preferred lasagne
    LasagneWhy is this our preferred beef lasagne recipe? Prepare it for dinner today and see why!
  7. Thai beef salad
    Thai beef salsad easy dinner ideasThis perfect aromatic Asian salad mix lemony-flavored coriander leaves with cool cucumber, revitalizing mint, and rare beef.
  8. Curried sausages
    Curried sausagesTravel down memory lane with this classic curried sausage recipe.
  9. Basic chicken and vegetable stir-fry
    Basic chicken and vegetable stir-fryFor a healthy weeknight meal, you can depend on this standard stir-fry with crispy bean sprouts, tender chicken, and yummy veggies.
  10. San Choy Bau
    San Choy BauYour family will surely like these yummy little pork mince parcels that is wrapped in lettuce leaves.
  1. Easy butter chicken
    Easy butter chickenThis classic Indian meal is preferred in Aussie homes. You can re-create or mimic this at home in a flash.
  2. Pea & ham soup
    Pea & ham soupThis is standard pea and ham soup at its finest.
  3. Australia’s premier spaghetti carbonara
    Australia's premier spaghetti carbonaraQuick, delicious, and simple – see and try this carbonara if you believe it is the best!
  4. Spaghetti bolognese
    Spaghetti bologneseThis delicious spaghetti is diabetes-friendly, making it appropriate an appropriate dinner for everybody.
  5. Potato and leek soup
    Potato and leek soupThe entire household will enjoy this simple to make potato and leek soup.
  6. Beef nachos
    Beef nachosYou can dive into this piping hot bowl of beef nachos that is topped with melted cheese – hmmm, what a yummy taste!
  7. Minestrone soup
    Minestrone soupThis warm and filling soup can be served with some fresh crusty bread to produce a winter season’s meal.
  8. Beef stroganoff
    Beef stroganoffCountrykitchenmag members like a dash of sweet paprika in this delicious beef stroganoff recipe.
  9. Basic beef hamburger
    Basic beef hamburgerDo you really need to order take-away when you can perfectly enjoy these packed hamburgers in your home?
  10. Chilli con Carne
    Chilli con CarneThis delicious & basic chili trick Carne meal makes fantastic leftovers the next day.
  11. Creamy chicken pesto pasta
    Creamy chicken pesto pastaLeftover roasted chicken can be used, or buy a grilled chicken from the grocery store, and turn it into this extremely simple pasta meal.
  12. Zucchini fritters
    easy dinner ideasThis is the best way to get the kids to consume their veggies. These flexible Zucchini fritters are likewise fantastic when served as a side dish or for breakfast at the weekend.
  13. Chicken and mushroom risotto
    Chicken and mushroom risottoA fundamental risotto recipe is a requirement in every cook’s collection and this one tastes great – it is bursting with fresh herbs. Pour a glass of wine and sip while you stir up until your risotto is al dente and creamy.
  14. Vegetarian lasagne
    easy dinner ideasLoaded with veggies, this lasagne makes a hearty weeknight dinner.
  15. Sausage rolls
    Sausage rollsThese yummy sausage rolls can also be used to get the kids to eat their veggies.
  16. Corn fritters
    Corn frittersAustralia’s finest corn fritter! With a crispy crust and fluffy inside, these corn fritters are fast to make and also delicious to eat.
  17. Chicken and sweet corn soup
    Chicken and sweet corn soupWith the last days of winter season upon us, this soup has actually been a Countrykitchenmag member most preferred over the last few months, so, if you haven’t tried this already, now is the best time to give it a shot!
  18. Creamy fettuccine carbonara
    Creamy fettuccine carbonaraThis creative carbonara sauce can be prepared in a few seconds.
  19. Tuna pasta bake
    easy dinner ideasWith just 6 ingredients, this quick, economical tuna pasta bake is ready to be served!
  20. Pad Thai
    Pad ThaiThis pad Thai with the delicious mix of chicken and prawns is a meal you won’t forget in a hurry.
  21. Chicken soup
    Chicken soupStandard chicken soup is believed to cure acute rhinitis (the common cold). This healthy recipe uses a lot of various herbs and spices to boost the flavor.
  22. Corned beef
    Corned beefCorned beef and veggies make a hearty weeknight meal. Keep in mind to store the leftovers for sandwiches the next day!
  23. Creamy garlic prawns
    Creamy garlic prawnsThis pleasantly creamy prawn recipe is best for a fast weeknight meal.
  24. Baked coat potatoes
    Baked coat potatoesThe best-baked potatoes are somewhat crispy on the outside and soft and in the inside. Try them with these topping ideas or try a couple of mixes on your own.
  25. Paella
    PaellaThis hearty paella has a spicy kick thanks to the chorizo sausage.
  26. Easy oven-baked frittata
    easy dinner ideasDelicious when cold or hot, this fast and simple frittata will put a spring in your step.
  27. Curtis Stone’s stir-fried rice noodles with chicken and vegetables
    easy dinner ideasMix up a simple and fast weeknight dinner with Curtis Stone’s thirty minutes vegetable, chicken, and noodle stir-fry.
  28. Lentil dhal Lentil dhal
  29. Savory mince
    Savory minceFast, Easy, and yummy, you are bound to enjoy this delicious mince meal.
  30. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
    Spinach and ricotta cannelloni easy dinner ideasBring the flavors of Italy into your house with this standard Italian cannelloni.
  31. Hearty chicken and veggie soup
    Hearty chicken and veggie soupWarm-up with this hearty chicken and vegetable soup.
  32. Traditional roast lamb
    easy dinner ideasShare the word out to your near and dear – this roasted classic produces simple entertaining.
  33. Pork ribs with smoky barbecue sauce
    Pork ribs with smoky barbecue saucePork ribs are a seasonal favorite – these are slow-cooked so that they become a melt-in-the-mouth pleasure.
  34. Potato gnocchi
    Potato gnocchiMake a delicious Italian meal from scratch with this detailed guide to make potato gnocchi.
  35. Chicken curry
    Chicken curryAn easy yet remarkably flavorsome homemade chicken curry made from scratch with a velvety coconut milk base and filled with chicken and veggies.
  36. Crispy-skinned salmon
    Crispy-skinned salmonWe have the chef’s tricks on crispy-skinned salmon. With our smart suggestions, you will not need to go out for dinner!
  37. Slow-cooker massaman beef curry
    Slow-cooker massaman beef curryTake your taste buds on a unique journey with this genuine Thai curry meal.
  38. Slow cooker beef stroganoff
    Slow cooker beef stroganoffWhen the weather condition gets cooler, this slow cooker beef stroganoff which is easy to prepare will warm you up.
  39. Hearty beef casserole
    Hearty beef casseroleIntensify your weeknight menu with this hearty casserole. Perfect for cold winter season nights.
  40. Old-fashioned beef rissoles
    Old-fashioned beef rissolesWho does not enjoy a recipe using beef mince? This classic dish is not just economical, it is constantly a winner with the family.
  41. Chicken cacciatore
    Chicken cacciatoreThis chicken cacciatore recipe is healthy and bursts with flavor. Make it ahead and freeze it to use later.
  42. Slow-cooker roast lamb
    Slow-cooker roast lambThis Greek-style roast lamb from among our members is meltingly tender and very easy to make.
  43. Classic meatloaf
    Classic meatloafStill, our family’s most preferred, flexible meatloaf makes a yummy economical meal.
  44. Beef chow mein
    Beef chow meinDelicious, flexible, and simple to clean up later on, this meal with mince is best for the weeknights.
  45. Apricot chicken
    easy dinner ideasThis family favorite of succulent chicken and juicy apricots gives complete, abundant flavors every time.
  46. Easy chicken noodle soup
    easy dinner ideasChicken soup resembles food for the soul and this one will offer you an immediate pick-me-up.
  47. Classic moussaka
    Classic moussakaThis signature Mediterranean meal including succulent lamb mince topped with velvety bechamel sauce is best for your next family banquet.
  48. Mushroom risotto
    Mushroom risottoThis simple recipe for creamy mushroom risotto is jam-packed, loaded with flavor, and an excellent vegetarian meal for the enjoyment of the entire family.
  49. Tuna mornay
    easy dinner ideasFish dish is fast and full of omega-3, best for growing brains.
  50. Thai green chicken curry
    easy dinner ideasRecreate your preferred genuine takeaway with this simple aromatic Thai green curry with chicken and vegetables.
  51. Vietnamese rice paper rolls
    easy dinner ideasRoll up these rice paper rolls for a fresh healthy start to your Vietnamese banquet.
  52. Basic roast chicken
    Basic roast chickenMaster the art of roasting a chicken to excellence so that it has crispy skin on the outdoors and juicy, tender meat on the inside.
  53. Chicken schnitzel
    Chicken schnitzelLet this crispy, munchy chicken schnitzel bring you summer season deliciousness.
  54. Honey-soy chicken
    Honey-soy chickenGet the kids in the kitchen to make ideal honey-soy chicken in simply a couple of easy steps!
  55. Corn and zucchini fritters
    Corn and zucchini frittersThis is an excellent meal for kids and a light meal or snack for adults. You might likewise serve these fritters with grilled meat such as chicken breast for the main meal.
  56. Beef shepherd’s pie
    Beef shepherd's pieFor a classic preferred family dish, try this hearty shepherd’s pie with beef mince, veg, and tacky potato mash topping.
  57. Creamy chickpea and veggie curry
    Creamy chickpea and veggie curryBoasting 7 serves of veggies, this vegetarian curry is slow-cooked perfect. Enjoy this for dinner and keep leftovers for lunch later in the week.
  58. Coconut chicken curry
    Coconut chicken curryThis simple and fast coconut chicken curry is an easy way to perk up the week.
  59. Sticky Chinese pork stir-fry
    Sticky Chinese pork stir-fryThis rapid recipe will leave the cook delighted and the family will also be full.
  60. Prawn, mango & avocado salad
    Prawn, mango and avocad saladThis prawn salad showcases Australia’s incredible seafood.
  61. Classic quiche Lorraine
    Classic quiche LorraineThis easy-to-prepare quiche Lorraine is certain to become a preferred recipe.
  62. Aussie-style beef and salad tacos
    Aussie-style beef and salad tacosCome out of your shell to produce this Mexican taco meal with a yummy twist, thanks to this fab filling dish!
  63. Classic one-pot beef stew
    Classic one-pot beef stewThis classic French-style beef stew is the best one-pot dinner. With time the meat becomes fall-apart, tender in an abundant sauce, for a satisfyingly delicious beef stew with potatoes.
  64. Falafel
    easy dinner ideasThis standard Middle Eastern favorite is a flexible vegetarian meal that even the non-vego’s will surely love.
  65. Creamy chicken and risoni traybake
    Creamy chicken and risoni traybakeFor a simple one-pan supper, you can try this velvety chicken, mushroom, and risoni bake.
  66. Chicken enchiladas with tomato salsa
    Chicken enchiladas with tomato salsaFor classic Mexican, fill tortillas with chicken, salsa, cheese and vegies, topping with extra salsa and cheese, then bake till irresistible.
  67. Country chicken pie
    Country chicken pieThis chicken pie is happily brought to you by Western Star.
  68. Fish tacos
    easy dinner ideasFish makes a healthy taco filling, and it definitely tastes delicious.
  69. Grandma’s curried sausages
    easy dinner ideasAbsolutely nothing is as pleasing as a big plate of traditional curried sausages.
  70. Aussie meat pies
    Aussie meat piesAn Aussie icon, this timeless pie is made with a shortcrust base and a very rich beef mince gravy.
  71. Sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa
    Sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa easy dinner ideasThese vibrant corn fritters are excellent ways to embellish your table and can be prepared beforehand for a simple work lunch.
  72. Italian beef meatballs
    Italian beef meatballsThe family can be brought together with these old-fashioned Italian beef meatballs. They perfectly go with spaghetti and there’s a mouthful of flavor in every bite!
  73. Madras beef curry
    Madras beef curryDevelop lovely Indian fragrances in your own kitchen with our most rated Madras beef curry.
  74. Chicken fried rice
    Chicken fried riceThis delicious variation on fried rice is sure to keep the starving crowds pleased.
  75. Slow-cooker beef cheeks in red wine
    slow-cooker beef cheeks in red winePrepare melt in the mouth beef cheeks with this slow cooker recipe. It is well worth the wait.
  76. Easy chicken parmigiana
    easy dinner ideasWinner, winner, chicken parma is surely for dinner! Our variation of this pub-food favorite will bring a reward to your starving crowd.
  77. Ratatouille
    RatatouilleFor a traditional French classic, you can not miss this hearty bowl of stewed veggies.
  78. Vegetable frittata
    easy dinner ideasDelicious hot or cold, this frittata is
  79. Lentil, spinach, and pumpkin lasagne
    Lentil, spinach, and pumpkin lasagneThis yummy recipe for healthy veggie lasagne has spectacular layers of spinach, ricotta, lentils, and pumpkin. It is the best meal for sharing with loved ones.
  80. Chicken pasta bake
    Chicken pasta bakeThe latest coop is here – a fresh-look chicken delight to please the luckiest visitor!
  81. Healthier chicken chow mein
    easy dinner ideasTry this healthy Chinese takeaway classic version. In just 25 minutes, you can feed the entire family a yummy healthy chicken meal that won’t disappoint them.
  82. Porcupine meatballs
    Porcupine meatballsHere is a retro favorite that is perfect to be a hit with the kids. Made in one pot, it is certain to be a hit with the grownups too.
  83. Sweet and sour pork
    Sweet and sour porkThis old-time favorite is still every night in a Chinese restaurant near you!
  84. Singapore noodles
    Singapore noodlesThis old-style noodle meal is as tasty and popular as ever!
  85. Haloumi and zucchini fritterseasy dinner ideas
  86. Meatballs in rich tomato sauce
    Meatballs in rich tomato sauceThis recipe for spaghetti with meatballs is perfectly economical so you can make lots and freeze some for later use.
  87. Green chicken curry
    easy dinner ideasThis incredible green chicken curry is certain to have your keep your family coming back always.
  88. Creamy chicken bake
    Creamy chicken bakeThis hearty chicken bake is created to please even the hungriest of appetites.
  89. Beer-battered fish and chips
    Beer-battered fish and chipsYour money can be saved by making your own delicious fish and chips.
  90. Super-easy cottage pie
    Super easy cottage pie easy dinner ideasOur Super-easy cottage pie is a family favorite that is simple enough for a midweek dish.
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