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Hi! My name is Nina, and I want to share the simple about us story here.

Many thanks for following my website! You know me as a Lifestyle and food blog owner, but that’s hasn’t always been true. I finished with a Microbiology to operate in the federal government area, however, my passion is food and lifestyle.

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I am married to an amazing husband and have 2 awesome kids, which fill my life with a lot of pleasure. I was born and also raised in Queensland, Australia but my parents are initially from West Africa.

I have constantly been enthusiastic about food. When I got married, I relocated away from my family but didn’t know the simple recipes about cooking.

I instructed myself to cook out of inspiration to experience the exact same flavors and tastes I experienced growing up in the kitchens of my grandma, mommy, as well as my auntie.

After I got pregnant with my first child, I experienced crazy yearnings which varied from one day to the following. As a result, I started instructing myself exactly how to cook.

I used my food preparation abilities to specialized foods as well as sweet treats, which I craved, and this started my day-to-day food preparation productions! With each recipe or dessert, I developed originality or idea, as well as my interest expanded.

Thus, Country Kitchen Mag was born!

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Currently, I intend to share my interest in food, food preparation, family, baby and parenting, pet-keeping, and lifestyle magazines with my audience. I want them to find confidence and also ability in themselves with my dishes by making them simple and also easy to follow.

Good food or lifestyle doesn’t have to be tough, and also anybody can learn how to cook. I enjoy returning to others since I’ve lost it all before and understand what it’s like to have absolutely nothing.

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I enjoy hearing and picking up from my visitors to give them more of what they intend to see. I take pleasure in seeing just how visitors globally cook with me as well as experience brand-new foods and also tastes!

My fans on Instagram are unbelievably engaged, and also I like seeing the meals they produce for their families from dishes I’ve shared!

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I never ever believed I would certainly be where I am today having many followers on various social media websites and also collaborating with all the outstanding brand names I’ve had the opportunity to deal with.

I’m satisfied this is where my trip has actually led me and can’t wait to see where it takes me going forward. I would certainly love to constantly learn from you, so do not hesitate to contact me at any time!